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Florida Lawn Guys offers full service mulching programs for residential and commercial clients as well as HOAs.  This service includes bulk discounts for large projects.  Mulching programs can be custom-tailored to fit the needs of your property including removal of old mulch, mulch bed formation and water trough mulching around trees and shrubs

We offer the following types of mulch at wholesale prices for supply, delivery and installation:

Cypress Mulch:

This classic, completely natural mulch is our most popular.  Made from cypress trees grown on cypress farms, the shredded branches add beauty to your landscape, helps retain moisture and prevent weeds.  It also reduces soil crusting and erosion while protecting plants from extreme temperatures.

Coco Brown Mulch:

Brown mulch is ideal for flower beds and container gardens as well as landscaping projects.  To support its great water-retaining ability, we add aged compost and nutrients that further improve its natural ability to feed your plants and enhance your soil during the hot summer months.  Dyed dark brown, it holds its color well, is slow to fade and inhibits the growth of weeds.

Eucalyptus Mulch:

While Eucalyptus trees are native to Australia, they are grown on farms in Florida for the sole purpose of producing mulch.  Like most mulches, it inhibits weed growth and helps prevent water loss through evaporation during our hot summer months.

Grade A Cedar Mulch:

In addition to its attractiveness, Grade A Cedar’s benefits include superior erosion control, soil compaction and a reduction in moisture loss.  Because it's shredded bark binds together, it doesn’t wash or blow away during heavy rains and gusty winds.  Made from the shredded bark of the Western Red Cedar trees, this mulch has earned Grade A status because of its similar appearance to Grade A Cypress mulch.  It contains no weed seeds or contaminants.

Grade A Cypress Mulch:

This mulch is a popular choice for gardens, walkways and seating areas because of its natural beauty.  Premium Grade A Cypress is made from the bark and branches of Cypress trees.  As a result, it is a mix of reds and browns and has a woody appearance.  It repels insects and doesn’t decay, which along with its attractive color makes it a popular choice with customers.

Meleleuca Mulch:

Meleleuca are a species of shrubs and plants native to Australia and introduced to Florida in the 1880’s.  Because it’s long lasting and doesn’t float, it makes excellent mulch when properly composted and sold commercially.  It has the appearance of wood chips and is available in different colors.

Pine Bark Mulch:

Pine bark is generally found in large pieces, which makes for a uniquely attractive look when used in gardens.  Its chief benefits are that it’s long lasting because it breaks down very slowly because of its size.  Pine bark also dramatically inhibits the growth of weeds, so you don’t need to use chemical weed killers nearly as often.

Pine Straw Mulch:

Pine straw mulch is a great weed inhibitor and its rust color is particularly attractive in gardens, which helps account for its popularity.  It also slows the growth of weeds significantly so chemical weed killers aren’t needed as frequently.  Made from pine needles, it acts as a great insulator against cold and extreme heat.  It’s also a great mulch to be used for acid loving plants like Ixora, Blue Plumbago, Azaleas and other blooming plants.

Recycled Hardwood Mulch:

A favorite of environmentalists and those that simply appreciate its rich brown tones, hardwood mulch is made from leftover bark and ground up trees.  Its consistency deters weed growth and as it decomposes it provides landscape and garden soil with rich nutrients.

Red Mulch:

Because of the bright contrast they bring to gardens and lawns, red mulches are very popular and there are quite a few varieties on the market.  They help prevent water evaporation, reduce the growth of weeds and help keep soil cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.  Some red mulch, like cedar, is natural while others are dyed.

Recycled Rubber Mulch:

Rubber mulch is the popular choice for children’s play areas because it eliminates the fear of splinters and helps prevent scrapes when kids fall.  It also helps cushion them because it’s twice as shock absorbent as bark mulches.  It also has financial benefits because it lasts a lifetime.  Rubber mulch never rots, molds or deteriorates.  Florida Lawn Guys carries two types of this mulch; one is play-safe without metal and the other is landscape grade, which contains metal and is less expensive.

Call us today to discuss which mulch is right for your needs.

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