Irrigation System FAQs

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Show us a beautiful lawn, and we’ll bet there’s an irrigation system that is keeping that yard looking lush and green. Irrigation systems are more affordable than you think because they cut down on water waste that comes from hand watering. It will also save more of your time than you could possibly imagine. No matter what your lawn size, an irrigation system will help your yard; trees, shrubs, flowers, and vegetables are lush and vibrant all year long.

Here are some frequently asked questions about irrigation systems:

What is the cost for a new irrigation system?

There really is no standard answer to this question. There are many factors involved, including lawn size, amount of zones, quality of the system, etc. We will say this; you get what you pay for when it comes to irrigation systems. The cheaper systems have a lot of problems, and we won’t sell you something that you won’t be happy with. A high-quality system will save you plenty in the long run. Florida Lawn Guys will discuss your needs and offer you a solution that will work for your needs and your budget.

How long does an installation take?

As long as we have good weather, it usually takes less than a week for an irrigation system to be installed - some may take as little as two days.

Will my yard be torn up during the installation?

Using a vibratory puller, most lawns come out looking fine, with minimal interruption after an irrigation system installation. Plus, because you now have a sprinkler system in your lawn, it will heal faster and without any additional labor needed from you.

What type of maintenance is required with an irrigation system?

Because we recommend quality systems, service is minimal, but like any type of machinery, occasional maintenance is important to ensure the system runs at its peak. Maintenance is also important to protect your investment. Florida Lawn Guys can suggest a low-cost maintenance program that will keep your irrigation system running smoothly all year long.

Will I have difficulty operating the system?

Not at all. Florida Lawn Guys will work with you to ensure you understand both the operation of the system and how to adjust the program controllers. We will also instruct you on the operation of the electric valves, adjustment of spray heads and rotor heads. It really isn’t as involved or complex as you think.

Won’t an irrigation system waste a lot of water?

Just the opposite. A good irrigation system actually conserves water usage. A professionally installed system from Florida Lawn Guys will be precisely timed and controlled to deliver consistent water amounts without over-watering. We take water conservation seriously and are happy to lead the way by offering high-efficiency irrigation systems and accessories.

Will my lawn get over-watered when it rains?

Not at all. Florida Lawn Guys install a rain sensor with every irrigation system we install. This device measures rainfall and will shut down the sprinklers when it detects enough moisture from rain. So if your area experiences a lot of rainy days, your system won’t need to run until it dries out.

Does my irrigation system come with a warranty?

Absolutely! All irrigation systems sold and installed by Florida Lawn Guys are covered by a manufacturer’s warranty as well as a one-year labor warranty.

Why should I choose Florida Lawn Guys?

We are a professional irrigation and landscape company. We have installed hundreds of systems and understand what systems are right for our clients’ needs. We never try to sell anything you don’t need. We’ll give you straight answers and back it up with the best, most professional service in this area.

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