Ways to Conserve Water

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Being one of the most important substances on earth, water is necessary for the survival of all plants and animals.  Water also defines Florida’s natural ecosystems.  Rainfall makes its way into our vast aquifers and floodplains, releasing billions of gallons of fresh water through springs, rivers and lakes to nourish important seagrass and marshes along Florida’s coastline.

By 2025, Florida is projected to welcome 6 million new residents, inflating the population to more than 24 million.  While Florida’s policymakers have strived to manage our water resources, our state’s growth and overuse have put a strain on our water supply.  That’s why conserving water year-round is an integral part of managing and protecting Florida’s water supplies today and for our future generations.  Every Floridian needs to do their part to preserve this precious resource.

Here are ways we can all conserve water:

Install an irrigation water flow meter

To have effective water management, one needs an accurate and reliable way to measure flow readings.  The two most common types of irrigation flow meters are electromagnetic and propeller.  Ask your Florida Lawn Guys representative on which meter is right for your needs.

Use a smart controller with WIFI

For decades, sprinkler controllers have consisted of a rotary dial, a handful of switches and maybe a crude monochrome LCD.  Now smart controllers can automatically adjust watering based on highly accurate, internet-sourced local weather date, saving you time and money.

Install a soil moisture sensor

These sensors measure the water content in the soil.  There are three types of soil moisture sensors; volumetric, tensiometers and solid-state sensors.  Each has a slightly different function.  Florida Lawn Guys will be able to suggest which is right for your individual needs.

Check faucets and pipes for leaks

A leak or break in the piping of your sprinkler system is the single biggest cause of wasted water.  It is wise to get a good assessment of your entire sprinkler system two or three times a year to make sure you are not wasting an incredible amount of water.

Change incorrect sprinkler heads

Incorrect sprinkler heads can cause spraying problems (distance and pattern) and will leave your lawn poorly watered.  This can waste huge amounts of money and be costly to your bank account.  Florida Lawn Guys can determine if your sprinkler heads are proper and whether they need replacing or just some routine maintenance work.

Only water your lawn when it needs it

Adding a rain sensor to your sprinkler system helps save your lawn from overwatering.

Plant drought-resistant trees, shrubs and plants

There are many plants that can thrive without irrigation.

Use a layer of mulch around trees and plants

Mulch helps slow the rate of moisture evaporation.

Use a broom to clean driveways, steps and walkways

Using a hose to clean wastes an enormous amount of water.

Water plants, not the sidewalks

Position your sprinklers so the water reaches your plants, not driveways and sidewalks.  Also, avoid watering on windy days when water will be carried off to other areas.

There are also ways to conserve water on the inside of your home, but Florida Lawn Guys will help save water on the outside.  We are an eco-minded company that uses environmentally-friendly fertilizers to help keep our water resources clean and safe.  We also pride ourselves on using recycled materials whenever possible for our landscaping designs.  From mulch made from recycled pallets, to recycled rubber tires to create safe play zones for children’s playgrounds, we focus on sustainability through unique design.

If you have any questions about conserving water through eco-friendly landscape design lawn maintenance, give us a call us at 941-527-6939 to talk with one of our friendly representatives.  We’ll be happy to develop a plan that is right for you.

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