Tips For Hiring a Lawn Care Company

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You might be debating whether or not to hire a lawn care service to take care of your weekly maintenance. Maybe your equipment is not in working order, you don’t have the time to worry about the lawn, or you would rather relax on the weekends instead of working on your yard in the hot sweltering sun. As a professional lawn service company, we would suggest thinking about the following three items so you can feel confident in your decision. Whether you are hiring the local high school kid down the street, or a professional company like Florida Lawn Guys, here are things you should consider when hiring a lawn care provider: 

Ask For References from Lawn Care Companies

You don’t have to waste your time looking through the yellow pages, radio/TV ads, or mailer discounts when your best source is your neighbors and/or friends. Ask around your neighborhood or pay attention to company vehicles around your neighborhood. If you find a service in your neighborhood, ask your neighbor if they are satisfied with the quality of work from the lawn care company or person. This is always a perk because it is a good sign to see a company that does several homes is your area. In fact, you might get a less expensive rate because they are already providing service in your area, and it’s a good bet that people are satisfied with their service if they do several homes in your neighborhood.

If you are not comfortable reaching out to strangers, then Google search “lawn care service” in your area and see what people online are saying about local companies. Good sources for this are Yelp, Google +, and Google places. Look for services with several positive comments and high star ratings.

Establish a Lawn Care and Maintenance Budget

If this is your first time hiring a lawn care service you might want to get a couple of FREE quotes before hiring anybody. Sometimes companies that seem large, often have extremely high overheads for which those costs are passed on to the customer resulting in high rates. Other services can charge up to $90.00 an hour to do any extra work that you did not originally sign up for, like weeding, hedge trimming, and fertilizing. Find a service that fits your budget and your needs and will discount for additional services like Florida Lawn Guys. 

Set Up A Meeting With Your Lawn Care Provider

One of the most important things to do is to meet the owner of the lawn care company. This is the person who is responsible for the individuals that will be working on your property. Consider this both for safety and reliability and to establish a confident level of trust with your lawn care provider. You want to know that the job is going to get done by professionals who are passionate about the quality of work, and their profession. Ensure the owner is knowledgeable about the requirements for your lawn, and any concerns you may have. Make sure the owner/crew manager is easy to communicate with, reliable, and trustworthy. The last thing you want is to be paying for a service that disappoints you week after week, especially if you are in a lawn care contract. Remember, this meeting is an interview, and you are the employer! 

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