Florida-Friendly Landscaping Ideas

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With our intense weather climate, Florida residents can experience obstacles when it comes to landscaping, compared to other areas of the country. However, knowing our climate and weather patterns are half the battle. At Florida Lawn Guys, we believe in a Florida-friendly landscaping philosophy that helps conserve water, reduces waste and pollution, creates natural wildlife habitats, and prevents erosion. Above all, our Florida-friendly landscaping philosophy centers on making your outdoor living space beautiful and practical while embracing nature, not being at odds with it.

Here are some of our favorite Florida-friendly landscaping ideas:

Select the Right Plants

Plant selection is always critical when we determine a landscape design. Some plants thrive in certain climates and soil conditions, while others will fail. By working with your natural ecosystem, we can match plants that will not only flourish in your surroundings but will need less irrigation and fertilizer. Plus, these plants will be more resistant to pest infestation as well.

Commit to a Mulching Program

Mulch can protect against soil erosion, maintain soil moisture, and inhibit weed growth. We generally recommend black mulch because it also helps warm up the soil by absorbing sunlight, minimizes nutrient leaching, repels insects, and also helps to prevent the transference of soil-borne diseases from being splashed up onto the plant.

Control Yard Pests Responsibly

The over-spraying of chemicals can create a toxic environment for the environment and your family. And while some chemicals may be needed from time to time to thwart certain infestations, smart planning, proper maintenance, and natural substitutes can be quite effective and safe for everyone involved. At Florida Lawn Guys, we try to take a holistic approach to reduce the reliance on toxic chemicals in our environment.

Water Efficiently

Many people overwater their plants or water during inefficient times of the day. This can cause several problems for Florida-friendly plants, including fungus/rot situations and pest infestations. It also needlessly raises your water bill. A well-maintained irrigation system will save you time and money in the long run, and a rain sensor will help conserve water for our environment. At Florida Lawn Guys, we are the irrigation experts. We offer a wide range of services and maintenance plans to accommodate every budget.

Be Responsible When Fertilizing

While fertilizers are often needed to help keep lawns green and plants flourishing, it needs to be done at the correct times and correct amounts. Over-fertilizing can create excessive growth, pest problems, and higher water requirements. Florida Lawn Guys will recommend a fertilizer plan that is just right for your landscaping needs. We will always fertilize your plants responsibly to prevent fertilizer runoff and leaching that can get into our water supplies and affect human health and our ecosystem.


Consider taking your yard waste generated from mowing, pruning, etc. and recycle these nutrients back into your landscaping as compost or mulch. This can save you money and enhance your soil at the same time.

Create Contrast and Layers

Arrangement is key to a beautiful Florida-friendly landscaping design. Adding layers of canopy trees, shrubs, accents, and groundcover duplicate contrast and layers found in nature. Front layer plants can provide a framework to pull your eye through the landscape. At Florida Lawn Guys, we pride ourselves in coming up with unique, interesting landscape designs that beautify your surroundings and benefit our environment.

Creating a Florida-friendly landscape can be rewarding and exciting. A well-developed landscaping plan will increase your home’s curb appeal and property value. From traditional to the exotic, Florida Lawn Guys can help you create the outdoor area you’ve always dreamed of while helping to preserve our natural resources.

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