Irrigation System Repair: What You Need to Know

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If you’ve bought a home that had an existing irrigation system, or if your sprinkler system was installed many years ago, it’s probably not working the way it should, whether you are aware of it or not.  A faulty irrigation system can be a disaster for your landscaping, plus it can skyrocket your water bills and waste a large amount of water as well.

Here are some indications that your irrigation system is not working as it should:

Control Valves are Leaking

Your control valves for your irrigation system should stay dry.  If you notice leaking or feel moisture around the valves, there’s most likely a problem.  Most likely, this may be debris entering the system and that could quickly cause problems throughout the entire irrigation system.

Inconsistent Watering

If you notice that some parts of your lawn are being over-watered and some parts are dry, you may have an issue with your zone settings or your sprinkler heads are malfunctioning.  Inconsistent watering can destroy your landscaping quickly.

Water Bills are Noticeably Higher

Because a lot of your irrigation system is underground,   many problems can be hidden from sight and the only indication of something wrong could be a spike in your water bills.  Skyrocketing water bills could be anything from a bad pressure regulator to a leak in one of your underground pipes.  One thing is for sure – unless you get it your irrigation system checked and repaired, the problem will only get worse as time goes on.

Dirty Sprinkler Heads

Dirty or clogged sprinkler heads impede the distribution of water across your landscaping and can create brown patches.  We recommend that sprinkler heads be cleaned annually or biannually, depending on your situation.

Faulty Water Pipe

Sometimes a burst of water pressure or an inadvertent strike of a shovel can lead to a busted pipe.  If this happens, the pipe needs to be repaired as soon as possible.

Additional common irrigation problems:

Believe it or not, lightning strikes here in Florida do a significant amount of damage to sprinkler systems each year.  Squirrels and other rodents can also create damage by chewing on irrigation wiring.  Other common irrigation problems are due to sprinkler heads being hit by lawn mowers or driven over by vehicles.  Even overly-energetic dogs have been known to chew off the sprinkler heads.

If you suspect that your irrigation system is not working the way it should, or if it’s overdue for maintenance, call Florida Lawn Guys immediately.  The sooner a problem is addressed, the quicker your landscaping will get healthy again.  Your wallet may be happier too.  Problems that persist almost always become bigger, and costlier, issues as time marches on.

While some maintenance can be achieved by the irrigation system owner, a good maintenance plan by a knowledgeable company often pays for itself many times over.  At Florida Lawn Guys, we are irrigation system professionals.  We can often spot problems or issues long before the owner notices anything wrong.  If these issues were not brought to the owner’s attention right away, the problems would have become much more expensive and widespread before they were noticed by an untrained eye.

Florida Lawn Guys pride themselves on the best and most cost-efficient maintenance plans and repair work in the sunshine state.  Our professionals will access your situation and determine the best plan that suits your needs and budget.  Contact us today and we’ll provide you with a free consultation and written estimate.  All of our irrigation repair services meet all the criteria required by the state of Florida.  Big or small, Florida Lawn Guys can handle any irrigation system situation.

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