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More than just weekly mowing.

At Florida Lawn Guys, we know the difference often times between a beautiful lawn and a bad lawn is having an irrigation system performing as it was designed. Let’s face it, life is busy, the lawn care company you’ve been using mows every week, but they don’t notice the irrigation system hasn’t been functioning properly until your yard starts looking dead and weed-ridden. Then once you investigate why, you find broken sprinklers, broken relays or valves, or maybe even your system has been unplugged for months. You turn it on and find a gusher of water spouting into the air form sprinkler heads that are busted off, or even worse, you turn it on and nothing happens!

That’s where we come in. Florida Lawn Guys offers immediate irrigation and sprinkler repair services to restore your system to optimal tuned performance. We repair broken sprinkler heads, broken pipes, relay and valve repair as well as pump replacement. Once we restore your system to working as designed, we check every sprinkler head and tune your system to a properly balanced, well-performing system so you can maintain that beautiful lawn with no maintenance.

As well, we offer quarterly services to ensure your irrigation system is performing as designed year-round. It doesn’t take long for a healthy beautiful lawn to become damaged once a sprinkler system develops a problem. Prevent lawn damage with our quarterly irrigation services. We service both residential, HOA and commercial properties throughout Bradenton, Sarasota, Lakewood Ranch and all surrounding areas.

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