Frequently Asked Questions

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What are your prices?

Florida Lawn Guys prides itself on being affordable and delivering real value for all services delivered. However, until we talk to each potential client, we really can’t deliver a fair and accurate price because there are a lot of factors involved in determining how much labor and products might be involved. We would enjoy the ability to discuss our services and prices with you and we think you’ll agree – no one delivers a better service for the money than Florida Lawn Guys.

What are the benefits of professional lawn services like Florida Lawn Guys?

Having services with Florida Lawn Guys can be extremely beneficial to your lawn. Our goal is to keep your lawn as healthy as possible and we’re trained to spot potential problems before they cause problems. The teenager down the street who mows lawns won’t see issues with your lawn until it’s possibly too late or maybe very costly to rectify. We’re experts on all types of grasses, mulching programs, landscape design and tree trimming and pruning. We take care of your entire outdoor area so you don’t have to do a thing but enjoy!

How do I know if my lawn has a problem?

Brown patches, thinning grass, dry or excessively moist soil, invasive or fast growing weeds are all signs that you may have lawn problems. Many times diseases, pests and seeds are misdiagnosed and the correct treatment is not performed until significant damage is done. Florida Lawn Guys can accurately identify what’s wrong with your lawn and make the correct recommendations for your individual situation.

What are the most common pests, weeds and disease in our area?

The Greater Sarasota area has a number of lawn threats that can do significant damage to your surrounding area if left untreated. These include fire ants and other ant species, mole crickets, chinch bugs, ornamental mites, Whitefly, brown patch, dollar spot, broadleaf weeds, nutsedge, spurge and more. At Florida Lawn Guys, we take a multi-step program to build a healthy lawn that is resistant to pests, weeds and disease.

How often should fertilizer be applied to my lawn?

Fertilizers can help develop a healthy, thriving lawn when applied at certain intervals, however no two lawns are the same. Under fertilizing or over fertilizing can also create problems for your lawn. A Florida Lawn Guys professional will inspect your lawn and make recommendations based on a number of factors that pertain to your individual situation.

I’ve seen mushrooms in my lawn. Should this be a cause of concern?

Normally, mushrooms will not cause problems in your lawn. Mushrooms pop up when conditions are moist and warm and they usually ffed on old roots, stumps and thatch but are harmless to your turf.

Are your lawn care services safe for my children and pets?

We are an eco-minded company that uses environmentally-friendly fertilizers to keep our water resources clean and safe. Florida Lawn Guys only use products that have been extensively tested and approved the United States EPA and are applied by highly-trained professionals. We will always let you know what we apply and when, with written instructions on when your children and pets can safely return to your yard following a treatment.

How much water does my lawn need and when should I apply it?

Typically, it’s best to water early in the morning when temperatures are at their lowest. This also reduces the amount of water lost to evaporation. It also helps to prevent water from sitting in your lawn overnight which can cause fungus. You will need about ¾” of water for each area that you irrigate. Overwatering can also create problems like attracting an infestation of insects, diseases and weeds.

Why shouldn’t I water at night?

While watering in the evening may be convenient for some and seem like a good idea, watering at night is not recommended, especially here in Florida. After a soaking in the evening your grass and plants stay wet for a long time – even more so with our humid climate. Damp plants and trees can lead to fungal/bacterial diseases and rot.

Many people water at night because they are worried about the water evaporating too quickly. Yes, too much water evaporation is not ideal, but no evaporation can be far worse.

It is better to water early in the morning. This allows water the opportunity to soak into the ground. It also provides ample water to get through the day’s heat and it leaves time for extra moisture to dry before the sun goes down in the evening. If, for some reason, it’s impossible to water in the morning, the next best time is late afternoon, right before dusk. This will still allow much of the excess water to evaporate before dusk.

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