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Sarasota is renowned for its cultural and environmental amenities, beaches, resorts and its outdoor lifestyle.  With so many people spending time outside, their lawn and landscaped areas are enjoyed year-round.  Accordingly, it makes sense to trust this valued real estate with a highly professional lawn care company.

Since 2008, Sarasota residents and commercial owners have entrusted Florida Lawn Guys with their lawns and landscape needs.  With its humid, subtropical climate, special care needs to be given to each lawn to make sure it stays lush and green all year long.  Our professional lawn service personnel understand the challenges of Sarasota because they live here too.  They can recommend lawn solutions that actually work and thrive in this coastal environment.

Florida Lawn Guys is not just another lawn company.  We have grown and expanded because we still take pride in our work care and care about customer service.  We specialize in lawn care and mowing services as well as other landscaping services such as trimming and pruning, sprinkler repairs, landscape design and installation.

Florida Lawn Guys also offers programs and services such as:

Experience how wonderful outdoor living in Sarasota can be with Florida Lawn Guys.  Licensed and insured, we pride ourselves on providing the highest service at affordable prices

Call us today and see the difference for yourself.  941-527-6939.

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Contact us today and see why we’re uniquely different. Our friendly representatives are always available by phone and ready to serve all of your irrigation and lawn service needs.
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