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Boycott Goodwill of Manasota – Rip Off Report

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BOYCOTT GOODWILL MANASOTA 2BOYCOTT GOODWILL MANASOTA 3It’s time to clean out your garage of all the old stuff laying around… What’s the first thing you think of?  Goodwill Manasota right?   Find out the truth about Goodwill Manasota and you just may reconsider that notion.  Goodwill Manasota for many year presented itself as a non-profit organization dedicated to helping the Handicap by employing them to sort through your donations.  Further they would resell your donations at a low dollar amount so that people in tight financial positions may be able to afford clothes, or furniture and thus the cycle of helping your community is born.   That may have been true at one time.. but not anymore.

A real non-profit is about helping the community, giving to others and supporting those on hard times.  Yet Goodwill of Manasota has found a better of way of helping themselves.   Just look at the number of properties they now own, or their new Corporate Location on the Corner of 51st and US301 Blvd.  This new facility was purchased for $600,000 and according to the Permit filed with manatee County has a value of 9.3 Million dollars.  Further the non-profit organization as of 2012 (Their last published financials) boasts net assets exceeding $29,000,000.00.

We hear all the time about organizations such as the make A Wish Foundation giving back to people, and the Salvation Army Feeding the homeless.  But when is the last time you heard of Goodwill Manasota doing anything for anyone other than creating jobs?   According to their website, Goodwill Manasota also gives back to the community by conducting classes such as English and Spanish classes to make it easier for people to get a job.   Yet they also state they are looking for people to donate their time to teach these classes under their Good Neighbor Program.

The bottom line is that Goodwill Manasota is nothing more than a sham.   Its the only business in town where people are naive enough to Donate their goods (give them all their product for free), and then so long as they organization doesn’t show a profit at the end of the year, all is good.   Truth be told any business that got all of its products for free would do very well in any city, any economy, anywhere.    But did you know that the CEO of Goodwill Manasota [CEO:Donald Roberts] drew a $482,610.00 salary in 2012.  Further the President of Goodwill Manasota [President: Robert Rosinsky] drew $373,462.00 salary in 2012 as well as several other Executives of Goodwill Manasota that were paid in excess of $129,000.00.BOYCOTT GOODWILL MANASOTA 5

Goodwill Manasota always claims to employ handicap individuals who wouldn’t obtain work anywhere else.  Yet when one went to nine different locations, there were no handicap people to be found.  It seems that Goodwill Manasota employs a few token handicap individuals and then a lot of minimum wage or slightly above minimum wage workers to handle and funnel all of its free merchandise.   According to the 2012 Tax Filing for Goodwill Manasota they received over $48 Million dollars in revenue of your donated merchandise, for which a small Executive Staff received over 1.5 Million dollars, and then another $25 Million in wages through out all of their 40 plus locations.  Where id the rest of the money go?  It appears that would be spent in operating expenses and the acquisition of millions of dollars worth of properties as they continue to grow.

What does Goodwill Manasota do with all of the stuff they don’t sell?  They sell it overseas through brokers who pay for it.   If one was to sneak in the back of the 15th Street Location, you would find that Goodwill Manasota uses cardboard bailers to bail up all the unsold clothing, packs it into semi trailers for shipping to overseas location (third world countries) where Goodwill Manasota makes money on that as well.  We are however curious is an Item of Value like a gold necklace were to be donated to Goodwill, where would it end up?

If you or anyone you knew was to hand all of their old unwanted stuff to a friend, and that friend ended up with the nicest house on the block, a mercedes in the drive way and you knew they got big bucks for the stuff you donated, would you continue to give them all of your stuff for free?  Most likely not…. and that’s exactly what Goodwill manasota is doing……… Getting rich and wealthy on your stuff.  Further they have appointed a board of Directors consisting of high level professionals to help them figure out exactly how to keep getting rich while getting all of their product for free.  That may make them a non-profit by the legal definition, but in our book that makes Goodwill Manasota a better scam than the Mob could think up!

Do the research for yourself, or just look on the property appraisers website at the value of all the property they keep buying………  Either was we are asking you to join in a Boycott of Goodwill Manasota.   Please cease donating goods to them, and start donating your stuff to organizations like the Salvation Army, or St. Vincent de Paul or any other organization where you can confirm they actually do something to help anyone but themselves.



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